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What We Do

Izitini Zolwazi – the Izzi Trust – is a children’s charity.  Our focus is to improve the standard of education of children in South Africa.

We do this in three ways:  by running outreach programmes at underprivileged schools and creches; by providing bursaries to independent schools; and by encouraging and facilitating environmental, cultural and academic events that bring together children from our country’s many different economical and social groups.

Outreach Programmes

The Izzi Trust partners with ten underprivileged schools in Gauteng, Northwest Province and Kwazulu Natal.  These schools range from overcrowded inner-city schools with 50 children to a classroom, to isolated farm schools where one educator has to teach two or three grades simultaneously and where many children come to school on an empty stomach. 

At these schools, depending on their individual needs, we:

  • run feeding schemes, sponsored by Makro
  • set up self-sustainable vegetable gardens
  • provide teacher training and up-skilling workshops
  • fund infrastructure and sanitation projects, such as septic tanks, kitchens and ablution blocks
  • undertake painting, repair and maintenance work, using corporate partneers and volunteers from the community
  • run weekly netball, soccer, cricket and playball sessions
  • install jungle gyms and donate bikes and games
  • fund learning centres, complete with library, computer stations and wireless internet access - and provide learners and staff with the necessary training to take full advantage of this equipment.

Bursary Programmes to the Centurus Colleges

One of Africa’s greatest needs is that of strong leadership.  We believe that leaders are cultivated from a young age.  However, youths with the basic ingredients of intelligence and drive will become leaders only if they receive a solid education. 

Independent schools in South Africa, afforded by the financial elite, attract many of our country’s best teachers and offer world-class facilities, along with a range of extra mural activities, ingredients critical to developing a well-rounded individual.  These schools chart a path of excellence, and produce most of the future leaders of South Africa.  Independent schools cater for about two percent of our country's learners, and the majority of these are white.  Deracialisation of our schooling system has become a priority for government and educators alike.

The Izzi Trust provides bursaries to the three Centurus Colleges for learners who are restricted for financial reasons. Bursaries are awarded on merit following a responsible selection process.  This project allows us to strengthen the bonds between the privileged and less privileged, and improve the basic levels of education in the communities we serve. 

Community Based Programmes

The Izzi Trust believes strongly in pulling together the many strands that make up our country’s social fabric, and we work to involve all children in environmental and cultural projects regardless of colour or creed.  The Centurus Colleges and our ten outreach schools join together in numerous activities throughout the year, from litter collection to entrepreneur days, from raising and releasing baby owls to trips to the theatre.  All the learners involved gain tremendously from this interaction, and we are proud of the lasting friendships that have been formed this way.


Feeding Schemes

Many of the children at the schools we serve arrive in the morning on an empty stomach.
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Bursaries to the
Centurus Colleges

One of Africa’s greatest needs is that of strong leadership. We believe that leaders are cultivated from a young age.
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Shopping Bag Project

The re-usable and environmentally friendly shopping bag initiative with Makro will assist the Izzi Trust to feed and educate a child.
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